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  1. Recruitment

    First, IPQC

    1.18-32 years old;
    2. junior high school and junior high school or above;
    3. familiar with QC seven methods and sampling process, able to handle;
    4. familiar with Office software such as Word, Excell;
    5. responsible, able to complete assigned tasks.


    Second, security

    1, male, 25-50, junior high school and above;
    2, responsible for access control and other tasks assigned by superior;
    3, hard working, strong execution, subject to arrangements.


    Third, the e-commerce

    Female, 23 years

    1, English language skills;
    2, familiar with basic business etiquette reception;
    3, good communication skills, strong ability to perform, and learning ability;

    job description:
    1 translation and communication, Department of business foreign mail;
    2, General Manager, Business Manager to help make the reception of foreign guests, company profile, product descriptions, technical patents;
    3, the use of e-commerce platform and management (to attend professional training after passing the learning post);
    4, other interim issues as assigned;

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